Thorney Pool is a picturesque and secure one-acre lake

This natural water contains a characterful small island, many gullies, silty patches and several fine marginal snags.

There are fifteen very well maintained swims, seven of which are doubles. More than half offer behind swim parking, giving you easy access when unloading your fishing equipment.

Last year Thorney Pool had its best fishing season to date.

The lake is is designed to suit all skill levels, and if you need advice the friendly bailiffs are on hand to enhance your skills and help you catch your biggest fish yet!

The main attraction at Thorney Pool are the extremely varied strains of Carp – everything from Heavily Scaled Old Dark Mirrors to scale-perfect Golden Commons, Leathers, Ghosties and even a White Koi.

However, the pick of the bunch has to be a recently-stocked 25lb+ Fully Scaled Mirror Carp which was stocked with another seven fish before the start of 2015/2016 season. All of them will soon all be packing on the weight.

Another buzz about Thorney is that you just don’t know what will be on the end of your line – the lake keeps throwing up surprises, including old warriors that haven’t been caught in years!

Thorney Pool is a neighbour to Rodney Meadow and Mayfields Lake. The trio is accessed through a locked gate to ensure your security. The toilet facilities are located in the first Rodney Meadow car park.

The road at Rodney Meadow Complex has now been resurfaced.

Thorney Pool, Boyer Fishing

Meet our fish at Thorney Pool…

Thorney Pool

Lake:Thorney Fish: Weight:

Thorney Pool ‘ The General’ 26lb

Lake: Thorney pool Fish: The General Weight: 26lb

Little Fully put up a fight!

Lake: Thorney Pool Fish: Fully Scaled Mirror Weight: 10lb

Thorney Pool is currently stocked with:

  • Perch, Roach, Rudd

  • Linears to 25lb and Mirror Carp to 32lb (which is a lake record) including:

  • White Ghost Carp: 5lb 11oz
  • Apple Scaled: 14lb 10oz
  • Red Tailed Common: 2lb 4oz
  • Golden Common: 12lb 4oz
  • Golden Mirror: 15lb
  • Fully Scaled Mirror: 24lbs.12oz
  • Common Carp 20lb
  • Ghost Carp to 20lb

All of which came from our stock ponds.

Catch at Thorney Pool, Boyer Fishing

Bailiffs’ Advice


Every swim on Thorney will produce on the day though when it is sunny many of its residents can be found, for all to see, in the 1st corner. If at times you cannot see our fish always check right below your feet in the margins – Thorney fish love the edges!

Method and bait

All methods work well at Thorney and the boilies from Mainline, Carp Company and Wraysbury Baits have accounted for most of Thorney’s captures this year. One surprising thing we have discovered is that the Thorney carp love PINK, whether it is pop-ups, fake corn or some form of high- viz attractor. Use pink and reap the rewards.


45 carp with weights to 32lb and steadily rising. 3 to 4 Carp at 28lbs to 30lbs, 20-25 at 20lbs -28lb and the rest form 14lbs to 20lb.

We have made huge improvements to Goose Swim allowing easier access, widening the surrounding paths.


Now meet the Bailiffs…

Getting to Thorney Pool

Rodney Meadow Complex: Thorney Mill Road, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 7EZ

Fishing Prices

  • Season: 10 months

  • Season Cost: Adults £100
    Concession: £45

  • Summer/Winter: £65/55

Please Note:

  • Maximum 2 rods per person

  • Night fishing is permitted at this lake

  • All  anglers are now required to carry a Carp Care Kit

Become a Member

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Any questions? Just call us on 01895 445141