At Rodney Meadow you can really get back to nature

This twelve-acre secure lake features a wide variety of birds, and two islands that provide nesting for Herons. The lake contains more than you might expect; several large beds of lily pads, a sheltered bay, gravel bars, snags, silt pockets and a lot of weed in the summer months.

There’s a wonderful sense of privacy, with twenty very well spaced swims, including a beautiful large double swim by the first bridge, which is suitable for those with some mobility difficulties.

This lake might appeal to the more experienced angler, as it’s not necessarily an easy water.

Tackling Rodney Meadow requires skills of observation and fish location, and the willingness to move when the fish dictate. It can definitely be a challenge, but all levels of fishing experience are welcome.

Rodney Meadow is a neighbour to Mayfields Lake and Thorney Pool. The trio can be accessed through a locked gate to ensure security. The toilet facilities are located in the first Rodney Meadow car park, and the road has now been resurfaced.

Rodney Meadow, Boyer Fishing, West Drayton Middlesex

This year our Three-Quarter Linear, ‘Big Girl’, was caught at 47lb, as well as eight other Linears between 30lb and 35lb.

“I have been fishing Rodney Meadow since the early 1990s, and it is one of the prettiest lakes I’ve fished. It is home to an abundance of wildlife – I have even seen deer swimming in the lake. I have always found the members to be friendly and most are prepared to help new members succeed. The bailiffs are friendly and very hardworking. The lake currently looks better now than at any time in the past.”


Steve Ford

Meet our fish at Rodney Meadow…

Check out the markings on this beautiful Mirror Carp.

Lake: Rodney Meadow Fish: Mirror Carp Weight: 23lb

Check out this Rodney Meadow Mirror!

Lake: Rodney Meadow Fish: Mirror Carp Weight: 23lb 8oz

‘Elvis’ has now left the lake!

Lake: Rodney Meadow Fish: Mirror Carp - 'Elvis' Weight: 17lb
Rodney Meadow, Boyer Fishing, West Drayton Middlesex

Rodney Meadow reveals another giant for Scott Peppiatt!

Runner-up of the: 2015 – 2016 Photo Competition.

Rodney Meadow is currently stocked with:

  • Ghost Common: 17lb 10oz

  • 4 Mirrors: 23lb 8oz, 22lb, 23lb and 19lb

  • ‘Elvis’, weighing in at 17lb

  • Ghost Carp up to 30lb, averaging at 24lb

  • Tench to 14lb

  • Pike to 24lb

All of these fish came from our stock ponds.

Rodney Meadow, Boyer Fishing

Bailiffs’ Advice


There are no hot swims as such as fish come out all over the lake. The fish do like to follow a new wind and also like the deeper water in the cold weather but keep your eyes open and they will show themselves to you.

Methods and Baits

It is a personal choice but like most lakes mainline cell boilies work well. The bait company’s Icelandic red are a favourite on Rodney Meadow. But any good quality bait will work.

As for methods they all will work, such as pop-ups, bottom baits and snowmen usually on a stiff hinged rig or a naked chod.


The stocking has not changed much over the season from last season with 8 30’s. The big girl struggled to reach 40lb this year. We now have 5 ghosties to just over 30lb’s and a very nice fully plated mirror at around 34lb. Two big 30+ commons. The average carp is now between 23 and 24lb.

Now meet the Bailiffs…

Getting to Rodney Meadow

Rodney Meadow Complex: Thorney Mill Road, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 7EZ

Fishing Prices

  • Season: 10 months

  • Season Cost: Adults £275
    Concession: £75

  • Summer/Winter: £150/135

Please Note:

  • Maximum 3 rods per person

  • Night fishing is permitted at this lake

  • All  anglers are now required to carry a Carp Care Kit

  • No leaders of any kind to be used. Mainline only

  • Tubing is allowed.

  • No wading.

Become a Member

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