Rodney Meadow

Rodney Meadow
Season: 11 Months
Season Cost: Adults £300 – OAP/DP/JNR £225
Night FishingMaximum 3 Rods Per Person
Rodney Meadow

Rodney Meadow is a mature 12 acre gravel pit. It’s not an easy water, but if you like a challenge this is the one for you.

Skills like observation, fish location and being prepared to move when the fish dictate are required to tackle this lake.

Each swim contains more features than you would expect, with gravel bars, snags, silt pockets and lots of weed during the summer months.

There are two islands, several large beds of lily pads and a nice bay.

There are currently around 160 carp present.

The current lake record is a mirror carp called The Three-Quarter Linear at over 47lb.

We have seven carp over 30lb – the biggest being a common known as The Scar at 38lb 2oz.

There are three ghost carp up to 26lb and a large head of carp over 25lb. Most of the carp stocked in 2007 now weigh over 20lb.

We also have a few tench to 14lb and pike to 24lb.

During the winter Rodney Meadow received a re-stocking of carp to 20lbs.

Rodney Meadow is accessed through combination-locked gates and is situated at the end of a long drive hundreds of metres from the nearest main road.

The venue has two car parks, allowing access to both ends of the lake, the first of which is shared with neighbouring venue Mayfields where the toilet facilities are located.

Additional Rules for Rodney Meadow

  • No leaders of any kind to be used mainline only.
  • Tubing is allowed.
  • The company would like anglers to carry a Carp Care Kit.