Orlitts Lake

Orlitts Lake
Season: 11 Months
Season Cost: Adults £200 – OAP/DP/JNR £140
Night FishingMaximum 3 Rods Per Person
 Orlitts Lake

Orlitts Lake comprises two waters, Big and Little Orlitts. Originally one water, they were split in the 90s to make way for a new roadway.

Big Orlitts is seven acres and Little Orlitts is four.

Big Orlitts has an abundance of features including gravel bars running in all directions and small plateaus at various depths around the lake. Add to this the nice silty areas and you have a lot of good feeding zones for the carp.

The lake has various snaggy features, with tree lined margins for the fish to patrol as well as various islands and reed beds. The small bays around the lake give the fish a safe place to hide and offer some nice stalking opportunities.

Both lakes get weedy in the summer, providing good opportunities to fish in around the weed beds and the various weed channels.

Big Orlitts has about ten regular 30lb fish, with a lot of high 20s and a good head of low 20s. Since the stocking of the lake two years ago with 27 mirror carp we estimate Big Orlitts to have over 100 carp in its depths, so with the planned re-stocking of more fish before the start of the new season, it’s looking good for Big Orlitts.

The lake has benefitted from new security gates and fencing over the last year and this work will be ongoing throughout the coming year.

Little Orlitts is still a bit of a mystery. There are a few carp present in the lake and fish up to the high 20s have been seen.

There’s a rumour that an angler had a brace of low 20s out a few seasons ago.

Please note that the viewing platforms and old swims along the entrance road to the Visitor Centre are out of bounds.

Parking along the roadway continues to be monitored and anglers are warned to not leave their cars along the main perimeter road for even a short while, as they will be towed away.

Access is through combination locked gates.

Orlitts has its own car park but shares its toilet facilities with neighbouring water Colnbrook West.


  • The company would like anglers to carry a Carp Care Kit.
  • Please do not park your car along any of the lake’s perimeter roads as you WILL be towed.