Mayfields Lake

Mayfields Lake
Season: 11 Months
Season Cost: Adults £300 – OAP/DP/JNR £225
Night FishingMaximum 2 Rods Per PersonCatfish Conservation
 Mayfields Lake

Mayfields Lake is situated on a complex that is also home to Thorney Pool and Rodney Meadow.

Mayfields Lake is just over four acres in size, with an average depth of 10ft and minimum of 4ft.

There are a number of gravel bars adding to the diversity. The lake holds a good stock of carp, tench and silver fish.

The carp range in size from mid doubles to 35lb, a good many of these weighing 25lb plus.

The 2013-2014 season saw some new 30lb fish caught. Last season also produced the best head of catfish in memory, with fish ranging from 14lb to 37lb.

Mayfields Lake is accessed through secure combination-locked gates and is located at the end of a long drive several hundred metres from the nearest road.

Mayfields shares both its car park and toilet facilities with neighbouring water Rodney Meadow

Anglers are required to carry a Carp Care Kit when fishing this venue.