Mayfields Lake is a peaceful, tree-lined four-acre lake

Perfect for the experienced and novice angler alike, this lily pad dappled lake ranges from an average depth of 10ft to a minimum of 4ft.

Mayfields Lake has many different features, including gravel bars, Norfolk reeds and gullies.

The twelve swims provide a beautiful environment in which to catch fish. Carp are the predominant species, and last season produced the best head in memory. Two of the swims are doubles and all but two offer tree coverage.

Sadly we lost approximately 60 fish last season from stress due to flooding, algae blooms and the overstock of Silvers. On the advice of the Environment Agency we reduced the number of Silver fish, and we now have a good head of fish of various sizes. A 30lb 4oz Mirror was caught at the beginning of this season.

Mayfields Lake neighbours Rodney Meadow and Thorney Pool and is accessed through a locked gate to ensure security. The road at Rodney Meadow Complex has now been resurfaced, and the toilet facilities are located in the first Rodney Meadow car park.

Mayfields Lake, Boyer Fishing, West Drayton, Middlesex

“One of the reasons I like fishing at Boyer is that the swims have been covered in wood chipping, making it more comfortable, quieter and my equipment never gets muddy.”

Peter D

Meet our fish at Mayfields Lake…

Mayfields Lake, Boyer Fishing, West Drayton Middlesex

What a cracker for Andy Scott at Mayfields!

Lake: Mayfields Fish: Mirror Carp Weight: 30lb Angler: Andy Scott
Mayfields Lake, Boyer Fishing, West Drayton, Middlesex.

Mayfields’ Marvellous Mirror!

Lake: Mayfields Lake Fish: Mirror Carp Weight: 33lb 6oz Angler: Robbie Hancock
Mayfields Lake, Boyer Fishing, West Drayton, Middlesex.

Robbie catches a huge Mirror at Mayfields Lake!

Lake: Mayfields Lake Fish: Mirror Carp Weight: 32lb 4oz Angler: Robbie Hancock

Mayfields Mirror 25LB

Lake: Mayfields Fish: Mirror Weight: 25lb

Mayfields Lake is currently stocked with:

  • Tench to 9lb plus

  • Roach to 2lb 8oz

  • Catfish up to 42lb

  • Carp – including Crucians – up to 35lb

Mayfields Lake, Boyer Fishing, West Drayton, Middlesex.

Bailiffs’ Advice


Areas which produce (i.e. popular swims): The Double, Rushes, the two corner swims, The Boards. Margin fishing and open water fishing to gravel bars.

Methods and Bait

Keep it simple, bait your spots and use water craft to locate fish.
Good quality fish meal and nut based boilies. Well prepared spod mix, and pellets. For Silver fish, use maggots /casters and corn over brown crumb and hemp.


6 Cats, ranging from 17lbs to 58lbs, including a 41 and 44. Tench to 10+lbs, Carp, up to 30+lbs. The lake record is 37lb mirror. A good stock of silver fish, crucians and eels. Pike to 20+lbs, with a record of 27lbs.

Now meet the Bailiffs…

Getting to Mayfields Lake

Rodney Meadow Complex: Thorney Mill Road, West Drayton, Middlesex, UB7 7EZ

Fishing Prices

  • Season: 10 months

  • Season Cost: Adults £250
    Concession: £75

  • Summer/Winter: £130/125

Boyer Fishing, West Drayton, MiddlesexPlease Note:

  • Maximum 2 rods per person

  • Night fishing is permitted at this lake

  • All anglers are now required to carry a Carp Care Kit

  • Children under 12 are not permitted, due to deep margins

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