At four and a half acres, Colnbrook West Lake is filled with fish-holding features

These include small bays, snaggy areas, small gravel bars and silt patches that can be home to large beds of bloodworm and other naturals.

Overhanging trees and beds of Norfolk reeds are favourite spots for fish to hold up and in the summer they can easily be observed cruising just beneath the surface near the large plateau in the centre of the lake.

Colnbrook has ten swims including five doubles, four of which feature behind-swim parking.

There is a three day limit for any swim, after which the angler must move 90° around the lake.

The main car park is at the front of the complex and is accessed through a security gate. Further parking and toilet facilities are situated along the riverbank.

Colnbrook West Lake has around 300 Carp up to 40lb plus.

Colnbrook West, Boyer Fishing

Meet the fish at Colnbrook West Lake…

‘Black Spot’ puts in an appearance

Lake: Colnbrook West Fish: Mirror - 'Black Spot' Weight: 30lb 4oz
Colnbrook West, Boyer Fishing

Carp Ahoy for Ollie Ricotti at Colnbrook West Lake.

Winner of the: 2014 – 2015 Photo Competition

Half tail @30lb 3oz Colnbrook West. Jake A

Lake: Orlitts Fish: Common Carp Weight: 30lb 40z Lake: Colnbrook West Fish: Half Tail Weight: 30lb 3oz
Popeye - 35lb Common Carp from Boyer Fishing's Colnbrook West Lake

Popeye pops out at 35lb!

Lake: Colnbrook West Fish: Common Carp - 'Popeye' Weight: 35lb

Colnbrook West Lake is currently stocked with:

  • 20 kinds of Carp ranging from 30lb up to 39lb 4oz

  • Roach

  • Rudd

  • Perch

  • Bream

  • Tench

Colnbrook West Lake, Boyer Fishing, West Drayton, Middlesex.

Bailiffs’ Advice


Two most popular swims are Point one and the Island. In hot weather The A4 and The Bailiffs swim catch well. In winter; deep margins produce the most fish.

Methods and baits

Fish meal and nut based boilies. Well prepared particles and pellet.
NB: No sacking or retaining fish at any time.

Now meet the Bailiffs…

Getting to Colnbrook West Lake

Colnbrook West Lake: Lakeside Road, Colnbrook, Slough, Berks, SL3 0FE

Fishing Prices

  • Season: 10 months

  • Season Cost: Adults £250
    Concession: £75

  • Summer/Winter: £na/130

Please Note:

  • 1st April – 31st August: Maximum 2 rods per person

  • 1st September – 31st January: Maximum 3 rods per person

  • Night fishing is permitted at this lake

  • All  anglers are now required to carry a Carp Care Kit

  • No leaders to be used, mainline only

  • Carp sacks are banned at this venue

  • Bait boats are allowed though they must be no more than half way to the nearest angler

  • Surface fishing is restricted and a minimum of 12lb line including hook link must be used

  • Surface fishing is prohibited in the months before sporning

  • Please check noticeboards for updates

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